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Hope Hackathon Ends

To empower the local and global talents amid the unexpected Corona pandemic, the Saudi Ministry of Communications and Information Technology decided to launch an online hackathon to come up with innovative ideas and solutions in

three different tracks


Digital Health


Home Entertainment



The Hackathon in numbers

$ +250k

in Cash Prizes


Shortlisted Ideas


Regional and International Mentors


Specialized Workshops


Winning Teams


Winning Teams In Each Track

Prizes for each track

First Place


$ +26k

Second Place


$ +22k

Third Place


$ +17k

Fourth Place


$ +12k

Fifth Place


$ +9k


  • Icon Encourage Innovation and Development in Healthcare, Game Development & Home Entertainment
  • Icon Highlight Creative and Technical Talents
  • Icon Find Sustainable Solutions That Help Overcome The Current Pandemic and Any Future Challenges

What will this hackathon
offer you?

  • Idea Development
  • Online Trainings and Workshops
  • Mentorship Sessions

Target Audience

  • Apps Developers and Designers
  • Digital Game Developers
  • Field Experts and Aspiring Innovators In The Respective Hackathon Tracks


Digital Health

The digital health category highlights the intersection of technology and the health sector in areas such as food and medicine, public health, and medical devices.

These can be service apps and platforms that provide medical and psychological consultations, or raise awareness about disease prevention, even devices such as fitness and heart trackers.

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Home Entertainment

The home entertainment category encompasses products and services that raise social awareness, alleviate the impact of social distancing and home quarantines, through interactive tools such as social app, or various forms of content: podcasts, videos, etc.

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The electronic games category targets game developers across experience levels inviting them to develop casual, educational or social games in the following categories:

  • Computer games
  • Internet games
  • Video games
  • Mobile phone games
  • Palm devices games
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  • The idea must be digital and innovative
  • The idea has to be within the defined hackathon tracks

Additional conditions for
E-Gaming Track

  • The idea has to be original and never developed before
  • The person behind the idea must have at least some experience in game development

Hackthon Timeline


How can I reach out to the hackathon management team?

Feel free to drop us an email at ask@hopehackathon.com

What is the language used in the hackathon programs?

Both Arabic and English.

Do I have to develop my idea within a group?

No, a team is not mandatory.

Are there any fees for the hackathon submission?

No, all you have to do is to submit your application!

I have more than one idea for different tracks, can I register them all?

No, unfortunately, each participant can submit only one idea, choose your best!

What is the agenda of the hackathon?

The detailed agenda will be announced soon, there will be workshops and mentorship sessions daily for 3-5 hours.

When is the hackathon?

The hackathon will start on May 7 and end on May 13

What are the tools used to communicate remotely during the hackathon?

If your idea is accepted, we will share with you a guide with all the tools.

How many people can I add to my team?

When you submit your idea, you are allowed to have 1-4 members.

Is the attendance of workshops and mentorship sessions mandatory, and will it affect the final jury decision?

Yes, it is mandatory and will impact the final decision.